About Company

As a part of Zenith Group of companies, Plus Agrology LTD is incorporated in Feb 2013 and is based out of Zambia. The company has expanded the outreach of Zenith group in Africa region.

The company mainly supplies to local buyers and exporters in Zambia. The company's farming project offers better farming based solutions which in turn contribute to the welfare of the nation.

The company has an Agricultural farming project located at Mumbwa about 150 kms west of Lusaka covering 5000 Ha of Land Bank in Central Province in Zambia. The project site enjoys proximity to the Mumbwa central business area, at about 20 kms distance.

The Project site falls under the domain of Chief Moono’s area. Hi-Tech Precision Farming Method is used to optimize & Increase the yield.

The company has primarily produced Maize and Soybean as dry land crop and has Successfully completed the first phase of churning of 150 Ha of Maize and 25 Ha of Soybean.

business activities

Contributing to the growth of Africa

  • Agro commodities production

    Farming produce of Maize and Soybean

  • Agro commodities trading

    Trading of Maize and Soybean

  • Pulse cleaning process

    Offering clean, polished and unadulterated pulses for wholesalers and exporters